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Collection                                                                                                                                                                               Exception Classic



Dear Members of the ACCLC Collection VIP Club,
Following the sale of the complete ACCLC Collection, we would like to invite to contact Yves REBET, from now on, directly on if you are looking for an exceptional model and would like to be assisted by him via his exclusive search services or if you would like to find out about all of the other exclusive services offered to his private clients and museums, while his website is being completely updated.


Delahaye, Chapron, Talbot, Figoni, Delage, Saoutchik, Bugatti, Letourneur & Marchand, Hispano, ...


these names belong to the illustrious heritage of the motor car, and are the dream of any passionate collector.
The only company in the world exclusively dedicated to exceptional and rare or unique vehicles, and specialising in the great
names of French manufacturing and coachbuilding, we present only those distinctive models that have been rigorously authenticated.