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- You are a collector and passionate about exceptional, prestigious, rare and unique motor cars,
conceived and built by the greatest names in design and the most talented coachbuilders.

- You are among the many clients of ACCLC who achieve their dream of acquiring one of these marvellous models.


Yves Rebet Consulting are sponsoring you,

honoured to invite you into the heart of our VIP Club to share this joint
passion by way of the exclusive events we organise each year.

From the outset of your FREE membership, you will be given an access code.
Members of our VIP Club enjoy privileged advantages:



- Free access by appointment for private and personalised visits to ACCLC

- Advance notice and exclusive preview of models joining our Collection and/or our Reserve list.

- Courtesy invitations for shows and specialised events.

- Preferential rates for the services of Yves Rebet Consulting of 'Yves Rebet Consulting,

-and much more besides…

If you would like to join us, we will provide further information and means of subscribing.
Please send your details to

If you are already a member, please access via the Club Page.



Passion, Légendes ... Delahaye, Chapron, Talbot, Figoni, Delage, Saoutchik, Bugatti, Letourneur & Marchand, Hispano, ...