Created on foundations…


where everyone has, since 1973, played their part in its construction.
In 1963 at the age of 17, Raymond Jolivet acquired his first classic car.
Daring in his introduction of the consignment shop for collectors, he began
trading these vehicles ten years later. In 1976 the Chauffailles Europe Exhibition
was created, followed in 1980 by the Motor Museum at La Clayette in Southern Burgundy.


Vision of qualitative expansion

in 1998, after having worked alongside his father for several years, Fabrice Jolivet
bought Chauffailles Europe Exhibition and created two supplementary sites in France,
under the name “Automusée”.

In 1999 the Jolivet family recruited Yves Rebet to the post of curator at the
La Clayette Motor Museum; he went on to become CEO at one of the Fabrice Jolivet sites.


Determining Choice

In 2004 Yves Rebet formed an alliance with Séverine Jolivet
and took overbusiness transactions at the Motor museum:

ACCLC is created with Yves making the decisive choice of spotlighting the great
marques and coachbuilders of Prestigious and Exceptional motor cars.

This differentiation was crucial, and essential in making ACCLC the only
company in the world specifically dedicated to this type of vehicle.


Developed from…


A passion…

for classic cars. Yves fell in love with classic cars when he was a child. Admiring the old cars passing through the
hands of the garage mechanics opposite his parents’ home, he was destined from a young age to become a collector.



and with inborn talents… Yves, captivated from adolescence by the mechanical complexities of engines,
was drawn to understanding their assembly and their operation, thoroughly enjoying problem solving and going
on to become a very competent mechanic. Being thus immersed for twenty years, he acquired many diverse
technical and interpersonal skills, critical for the creation of ACCLC.He has turned his passion into his profession, and by bringing
together this technical knowledge with his natural aptitude for teaching, the creation of a consultancy and training division
seemed an obvious progression… Yves Rebet Consulting
From an unusual career… 


From an unusual career…

eenriched by continually expanding knowledge, Yves, whilst first and foremost a mechanic, nonetheless
also developed his negotiating skills from the age of twenty two years in the world of vintage motor cars.
He was to become successively - Commercial Director, Museum Curator, Managing Director, Consultant, and Jury member of a Concours d’Elegance.
His knowledge of pre- and post-war models, both French and international, interiors (upholstery), exteriors (bodywork),
vehicle history and his significant global network inspire the preservation of this cultural heritage.

Complementary personalities…

generating dynamic exchanges. The team comprises associates and partners chosen for their culture, passion,
abilities and experiences from diverse worlds. They are catalysts for new visions.
Anne, of British nationality, is responsible for the administrative and accounting functions and joined the company at the beginning of 2010.
She is a vital contributor in the compilation of the comprehensive documentation provided with each vehicle.
We select our partners and service providers with the greatest care. They share our philosophy of excellence, our
listening skills and our respect for your project, offering you bespoke services from each of their specialties.
We work with associates from more than fifteen countries worldwide, and if you do wish to part with a vehicle, please don’t
hesitate to let us know, and we will connect you directly with someone carefully selected from your country.